Virus domain name registrations surge with novel coronavirus fears

This chart from DomainScope shows .com and .net registrations including the word ‘virus’. Source: DomainScope

If Verisign still published its monthly lists of top trending keywords (it stopped with August’s list), ‘virus’ would certainly be on the list.

According to Verisign DomainScope, .com and .net domain name registrations including the word ‘virus’ have spiked from single digits per day in December to hundreds per day over the past week. (See graphic above.) And the registrations before the surge were more often related to computer viruses rather than living ones.

Registrations including the word “Covid” have also taken off, to the tune of dozens of registrations per day according to DomainScope.

I doubt many of the domains will ever be put to use and most will expire. While some domains might have been registered by organizations that want to disseminate information about the latest coronavirus, others look like they will be used for nefarious purposes, such as BuyCovid19pill (.) com

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